Restoration of the Robert Morris window
at the Washington Memorial Chapel

Washington Memorial Chapel was built as a living memorial to America’s first president. Art and architecture work their magic and graphically tell the story of freedom, dedication, citizenship, and sacrifice.

Water has eroded the stone carvings, stained its walls, and damaged it windows. These windows are part of the art that tells the story of our founding.

National Patriots Bell Tower
aka Valley Forge Memorial Bell Tower

On April 18, 1953, the National Society dedicated the Valley Forge Memorial Bell Tower at Valley Forge after more than ten years of fundraising and building to house the Washington Memorial National Carillon. The tower houses a carillon of 80 bells, one of the world's largest. Dedications and memorial plaques honoring America's military cover the interior of the tower.

In addition to the carillon, the Bell Tower is also home to the Justice Bell, a full-size replica of the Liberty Bell that traveled Pennsylvania between 1915 and 1920 in support of the women’s’ suffrage movement, and a wonderful collection of over 1,400 porcelain, glass, and metal miniature bells.

Madonna of the Trail Statue

Madonna of the Trail

The Madonna of the Trail is a series of twelve statues honoring the spirit of pioneer women in the United States of America. Commissioned by the NSDAR and designed by sculptor August Leimbach. They are a symbol of the courage and faith of the women whose strength and love aided so greatly in settlement of the frontier. The statues feature a pioneer woman clasping a baby with her left arm while clutching a rifle with her right—her young son clings to her skirt. Crafted from algonite stone, each statue stands ten feet high and weighs five tons. With the base, the monuments stand 18 feet high.

The Pennsylvania Madonna was dedicated on December 8, 1928, and was the tenth in the series. Located in Beallsville, Pennsylvania, on Route 40, the Old National Trails Road, the Madonna is a source of pride for all Pennsylvania Daughters. Our Madonna of the Trail Chair and her committee raise funds for the maintenance and preservation of this treasured monument.